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Balancing Poses (Cue the Circus Music)

C Pischel

Standing on one leg, standing on your arms, holding a headstand,  shoulder stand...  Some of the many asanas yoga provides that challenges our balance.   Balancing poses can be frustrating and even a little scary.  As we get older, we rarely balance and also may be afraid of it due to the chance of falling.  As kids we fall all the time and most of the time it’s fun. As adults we rarely do, (in Colorado the ice helps increase the chance of falling), if we stumble we simply catch ourselves.  So putting our self in a position where we potentially may fall is a little out of the ordinary and can be frightening. 


Balancing poses are so beneficial.  They work your muscles and your mind.  As you balance you change your center of gravity, play with it, push yourself to the edge.  The shaking works your muscles, strengthens your joints and bones but also you mind.  You learn to trust yourself.  Learn how far you can go and also realize if you do fall, it’s ok.  Most of the time you are no more than a few inches from the ground and it may even remind you that falling can be fun.


I always incorporate balancing poses in every practice.  They are a great tool to learn how to deal with frustration, enjoy the fun of the pose and maybe even incorporate it to your own life, as other things feel out of balance.     You can take how you deal with the pose and let go of the fear and frustration off of your mat as well into day to day life.   


Have fun, be safe, play often... XOXOX Christina