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RAD Roller Mobility Workshop at Yoga Pod DTC

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RAD Roller Mobility Workshop at Yoga Pod DTC

C Pischel

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Are you a cyclist, runner, or weekend warrior? Do you spend more time then you’d like sitting or on your feet? Has your flexibility decreased or you want to get deeper in your yoga poses? If you answered yes to any of these questions we have the perfect workshop for you!

In this 2 hour workshop you will use RAD Roller tools and SMR (self-myofascial release) techniques to optimize performance, release tension, and increase your flexibility. The techniques you will learn will free up movement, move waste materials out of your soft tissues and joints and when used regularly, it will help unlock your body’s true movement potential whenever it fits in your schedule. All participants will receive a RAD Roller to take home!


RAD Roller (retail cost $24.99)
Techniques for SMR (self myofascial release)
Tips for Injury prevention and recovery
A greater knowledge of how your body works

Cost: $40 includes RAD Roller (retail $24.99)