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“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus

C Pischel


The past few months have been filled with change in my yoga communities. Things that I had planned came to a screeching halt and left me in a state of disbelief. One of my main studios Yoga Joy Littleton suddenly closed with only one day notice. This is a place I had a Restorative, Yin and 200 Hour Teacher Training planned for the fall. I was in the middle of teacher auditions and orientations. The new schedule which included more prenatal and kids classes had just started and a monthly yoga class at SeaQuest was just beginning.

With the closing of the doors all the things that I had planned for the next several days to months no longer existed. The several classes I taught only a daily basis, students I saw almost every day, what had become the norm was gone. My fellow teachers were all wondering what happened, looking for answers, looking for a solution and ultimately looking for a new home.

I sat back in my own disbelief looking at the reactions of the community, students, interns, teachers, neighboring businesses and seeing some in pure chaos, some in shock, some mourning but all feeling a loss. We cannot control change, we can only try to see it as another door opening and still support each other.

About a month before Yoga Joy closed my lovely aerial home also closed, Tava Yoga. This week also marks the closing of another studio I once called my home studio Yoga Pod DTC. At the end of the month Yoga Pod LoDo is also closing. So many communities torn apart and trying to restructure. It is amazing how close yogis get practicing daily with their fellow students and teachers. I hope no more studios close and I hope all the yogis left without their home find a new home soon.

The saying goes when one door closes another opens. This is very true in my case. At the same time all of this change was occurring I was offered the Studio Manager role at Kindness Park Meadows. I started the position so excited with all the new opportunities and am so grateful I found a new home. KPM is the only place I am currently teaching however I hope to find more classes in the Kindness family soon. I also hope to one day join the teacher training team in the future. I am planning lots of fun events at KPM and have a few workshops planned. If you once took my class at Tava, Yoga Pod DTC or Yoga Joy, I hope to see you at Kindness soon. Even if you are new to yoga, you have a home at KPM.




Spin and Yin at Cyclebar Southwest Plaza

C Pischel


Free Event! We partnered up with Cyclebar to bring you a specialty class to experience a half hour of Cycling and a half hour of Yin yoga. Please bring a yoga mat.

The yoga portion will be held outside on Cyclebar's front patio area.

If you are new to cycling we ask you to come 15-20 minutes early.

You must pre-register with Cyclebar to reserve your bike

RAD Roller Mobility Workshop at Yoga Pod DTC

C Pischel

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Are you a cyclist, runner, or weekend warrior? Do you spend more time then you’d like sitting or on your feet? Has your flexibility decreased or you want to get deeper in your yoga poses? If you answered yes to any of these questions we have the perfect workshop for you!

In this 2 hour workshop you will use RAD Roller tools and SMR (self-myofascial release) techniques to optimize performance, release tension, and increase your flexibility. The techniques you will learn will free up movement, move waste materials out of your soft tissues and joints and when used regularly, it will help unlock your body’s true movement potential whenever it fits in your schedule. All participants will receive a RAD Roller to take home!


RAD Roller (retail cost $24.99)
Techniques for SMR (self myofascial release)
Tips for Injury prevention and recovery
A greater knowledge of how your body works

Cost: $40 includes RAD Roller (retail $24.99)