My Teacher Training Journey at ONE Yoga

My Teacher Training Journey at ONE Yoga



When I decided to take the journey to become a yoga teacher, I knew there was only one place I would explore.  Not only by the reputation of the studio but by a feeling I had within me.  A few months before I started teacher training I walked through the doors of ONE Yoga for the first time for an inversion workshop.  I felt welcomed from the moment I walked in and the workshop was better than I expected.  Not only is the studio beautiful, the entire atmosphere and everyone there made me want to come back. 


When I started teacher training I thought I would learn how to teach a flow and the correct alignment for postures.  Yes, that was true I did learn that, but I learned way more.  I learned about history, spirituality, how to take yoga off the mat and into my everyday life and so much more.  Even after the first couple weeks I found myself looking at the world very differently.  I heard the birds with new ears, I saw the flowers and the sky with much more open eyes.  The energy of everything around me was buzzing louder than I have ever noticed. 


Each week we had a different lecture, and after each one I felt grateful to have been able to experience and learn the gift of what the teacher have given to me.  Within the walls of ONE Yoga I experienced and felt things I never thought or even dreamed of experiencing.  Many things I never knew existed. 


I’m not going to lie, the 14-week 200-hour training was pretty intense.  I went through every emotion, happiness, anxiety, joy, stress, exhaustion and I have never cried that much in my adult life.  It was intense but 100% worth it.  After graduation it was difficult knowing I would no longer be with my new family as much as I had been and I still miss it. We all had grown so much together and experienced so many things together, it was sad for it to be over.   


Now as I teach classes I incorporate as much as I have learned, not just from the flow aspect but even little gestures, which always makes me smile.  I have been given a gift and am anxious to share it.


To me yoga is my way of life, more than the fun inversions and arm balances, but how I breathe and share my life with others.  Thank you ONE Yoga for guiding me.