Yoga Pod DTC and Ganesh

Things are scheduled, we have plans in place and then something happens that changes the plans.  This happens all of the time.  We just have to adapt and not be upset or anxious.  This is especially true in waiting for Yoga Pod DTC to open.  I am so excited to start teaching with the new community and an anxiously waiting for the opening date.  

Yes a studio being built from scratch takes time and I have been very open to not having a date to put on my calendar or to start calling on my students.  At the same time although I'm open with no date, I want to start teaching.  

What is a yogi to do?  You call in Ganesh the remover of obstacles.  It is true Ganesh sometimes puts things in your way as an obstacle to guide you the right direction.  It is also true he removes obstacles to make your path easier.  In either way I brought Ganesh to the new studio in hopes he will move along the little bumps and hiccups so we can start this community before the holidays and before people get winter snuggly. 

As soon as the studio opens you can come in and see our little Ganesh.  He might even be in a different location every time. He is our reminder of this journey and the one to welcome all the new yogis into the community.  

Hope to see everyone soon!