Yoga at F.I.T. Park Meadows

I have been a member of F.I.T. Park Meadows since its grand opening weekend celebration in 2013.   It is such an honor for me to teach yoga here now.  The intensity of the F.I.T. and Crossfit workouts are so extreme, when I first started I was sore for days.  At this gym I have done my first kettle bell swing, back squat, dead lift, box jump and so many other things I have never thought I would be able to do (along with some horrible things such as wall-balls, V-ups and burpees). 

With many of these movements, you need to have the proper alignment to prevent injury, and in many cases in order to have the proper alignment you need to have flexibility and strength in very specific areas of your body.  

When I tried to do my first back squat, I could not lower my heels to the floor.  My coach Nicole had to put plates under my heels so I could squat properly.  Same with overhead squats, my shoulders were too tight and I just could not raise the bar over my head. 

Because I have seen my abilities grow due to stretching and working on my mobility I understand what postures I need to incorporate into my yoga flows to help the athletes at this amazing gym get deeper, get stronger and hopefully stay safe during their circuits and/or WODs.  I still have a long way to go, I can’t do a pistol squat yet, and would love to do a freestanding handstand and muscle up.  I’m happy I belong to a community where we can help each other and celebrate each others successes. 

The best thing about becoming a Yoga Teacher is sharing my joy and love to my students.  The worst thing so far is since training was 14 weeks long and I didn’t have time to go to F.I.T. Park Meadows and I lost my strict pull-up.  Just another thing to work on J

Join me Sunday’s at F.I.T. Park Meadows for a Vinyasa by F.I.T. Class at 8:00 am.